"Touching A Generation.....To Reach Another Generation"

Rev. Michael Swinney, Pastor/Teacher

"As God has called me to the pastorate position in the city of Camden, a place that I have resided in for more than 50 years, it gives me great honor to pen the burning desire to serve Him first, His people and the people of the City of Camden, to help show them the way out of spiritual darkness and into and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the Marvelous Light and the one who gives Abundant Life to all who desire to live a transformed life.  He has allowed me to give Holy Trinity M. B. Church a fresh start and rename her the Fresh Oil Missionary Baptist Church." 



"You've been anointed to make it through difficult times.  When God breathed His life into you, He breathed perseverance, determination, strength, courage, and endurance. That means you have staying power, you can outlast every attack.  Life may throw you some curves, but every setback is a setup for a greater comeback.  If you will stay in faith and have a never die attitude, God will turn every battlefield into a blessing field!"John Dauphine (Boston, Mass.)