"Touching A Generation.....To Reach Another Generation"
It is our mission to bring balance to a city, and a people that have been demoralized through spiritual ignorance, declining economical opportunities, and the residue of mistrust from it's former political leaders.
It is our desire to enlarge our borders in  the immediate future, by erecting a new worship center that  will welcome people from all walks of life, with the intent to uplift  the lives of the people spiritually, and emotionally, bringing together a sense of wholeness.

It is also our desire to offer programs that is motivated by love to deal with illiteracy. This will empower residents to change their economical status and situation, as well as affordable childcare in the future that will assist families economically while preparing a future generation with spiritual balance, as well as giving them the tools necessary to make a positive impact in their communities, which will bring wholeness to this city and it's people.